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    Hi I’m new here… I’m coming up to year 6 sober from alcohol but last year after I was prescribed Xanax for mild anxiety, that’s where my sobriety ended…

    I went on a one month binge of them the very moment I got that comfy/Mr. Soft feeling from them.. Taking up to 3mgs a day.

    I quit them cold turkey and it was hell but than began on my journey with codeine.. “Neurofen plus” up to 60 tabs a day some days.

    This time last month I found myself without a tab for 24 hours as the Mrs was getting suspicious and I couldn’t sneak off to buy some..

    It was hell on earth and the following day I signed myself in to the psychiatric ward for 3 days for detox.

    I’ve spent the last 25 days riddled in fear and anxiety, my heart is constantly beating wildly and I can’t eat or sleep most of the time.

    I am losing so much weight and I keep getting suicidal thoughts when things get very bad.
    My psych. started me on lexapro 20mg 5 days ago but things have not got any better.

    I do my best to keep active every day and I’ve been attending AA and NA meetings but things just don’t seem to be getting any easier.

    Every morning I awake this wave of depression comes over me and the anxiety begins,, I usually get some reprieve around 8pm when it tapers a little.

    I take two zimovane (Zopiclone) 7.5mgs for sleep but most of the time they do not help because they do not relieve anxiety symptoms… (they are supposed to be non-addictive) I wonder!!!
    Is this normal for withdrawals and panic to last this long???.. I don’t remember alcohol withdrawal being this bad..

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