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    Hey y’all… sorry to intrude in y’alls forum. :wavey:

    Normally, I’m just an alcoholic. Haven’t done drugs much since I was a teenager, and I could always put them down… liquor is another story.

    But I went and did something mighty stupid last night, and started popping codeine pills. I thought I had a reason, but right now I gotta say it wasn’t worth it.

    Was always smart enough to stay away from opiates back in the day, mostly ’cause I was born addicted to heroin and I figured it’d be the thing that’d do me in–too much like comfort, that whole back-to-the-womb thing. I don’t know. My brother started on Oxy, and well, let’s just say it seems my theory was right.

    But right now, I’m sick, and I tried to run a search on codeine, but I got so much stuff and nothing answered what I’d like to know right now… so I apologize.

    But, how long does this last, any surprises to look forward to, and anything else y’all could tell me about this, I’d appreciate it. I musta done 20 or so… popping them 2 at a time about every hour. Before that I was sober 8 days. I never been through withdrawals like this, and I’ve had a few touch and go alcohol withdraws.

    I already know not to do it again (might not stop me, I’ve got issues I reckon), but I’m sweating cold sweat (?!?) and can’t last more than a few minutes without being sick. And if I drink water, it comes back up even faster.

    Please help me, if y’all would be so kind…

    -TB, not having much fun at all

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