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    I was watching CNN last night and heard about the death of DJ AM, aka Adam Goldstein. He was a famous DJ known for dating Nicole Ritchie, Mandy Moore, etc. He was also known as a recovering addict who spoke out openly about his past issues with crack cocaine. He and Travis Barker, (Blink182), were the only survivors of a fatal plane crash off the coast of SC a little over a year ago.
    He just spoke about his addictions and recovery on MTV this past July. He had been clean for 11 years.
    After the plane crash, he was put on pain meds, and anti-anxiety drugs to help him overcome the fear he obviously developed to fly, as he had to travel all over for his job as a DJ.
    He was found dead this past weekend in his apartment in Manhatten, face down on his bed…prescription bottles, crack, and pipes all around. His death is believed to be drug related.

    This story gave me cold chills, as I too am a recovering opiate/crack/cocaine addict, with 11 months clean. They are saying that his use of the prescription he was given for pain and anxiety lead him to a full blown relapse.
    It just goes to show as recovering addicts, our clean time is really not that important….we are all just one relapse away from death.

    RIP Adam


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