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    addiction – oxycodone 120mg a day

    My story goes like this…

    I had a sports injury to my knee and tylenol and other non narcotic pain meds would not work. My doctor prescribed me Oxycodone and immediatly put me on a high dose of 120mg a day. It ruled my life, I couldnt wake up without it, I couldnt eat without it and I couldnt sleep without it.

    On May 10, 2010 two life changing events happened to me. I had surgery scheduled for that day and while I was under anesthesia, my father passed away with terminal cancer. His last wish for me was for me to get my knee fixed and to get my life back from these pills.

    This last Monday night, I decided to quit cold turkey. It was a hard decision to make but I had an amazing support group and motivating factor.

    I went to a clinic to get help with the withdrawals. The doctor put me on Seroquel 100mg at night and 50mg during the day, I also got lorazepam for the anxiety and another pill for the sweats and chills and all the other withdrawal symptoms called clonidine.

    It was incredibaly difficult to keep the attitude that I was going to quit. It was especially hard knowing that I still had pills in the house. The three things aside from the pills that made it easier was Boost, Gatorade and Lots of water. Its been almost 5 days now and I havent had any pills. My knee pain is still present due to the recent surgery, but the reward of knowing that I am regaining my life is worth more than any pain relief.

    This can be done… The first three days are the WORST days you will have… After that, you break out of it. Not all the symptoms are gone, I still have trouble eating and I am still very tired feeling. I lucked out, I slept through most of my major withdrawals under the watchful eye of my wife, if it wasnt for her I dont know if I could have done it.

    The feeling of victory is more exhilarating than the feeling of giving in to the pills. I have my life back, and I fully intend to keep it that way. I know my family and friends and my father is proud of me, just like your friends and family will be proud of you when you quit these evil pills.

    It Can Be Done, Believe in Yourself…

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