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    I know some of you have been wondering what I have been up to. I am in a tug of war with myself and this addiction. I quit and decide to start again. WHY? I have no idea. I moved in with my boyfriend about two months ago. Bad decision, but I care about him very much. He not only smokes pot (which I can not stand and he didnt do it before we moved in), but decided to start selling his prescription pills to make some extra money. He just started doing this after we moved in together. He is pretty much Doctor shopping and selling, which is illegal. Also, it is not helping with my addiction in no way, shape or form. I love him, but I am at a crossroads and I know where I need to go. He wanted me to go to the Dr. with him this weekend and get a prescrption, but I’m not. Im gonna stay home for this long labor day weekend that I dont have the kids, and try to not take anymore pills. Again…
    I try to get on here and comment on you guys stories, but I am so busy at work… I took on a new job in my law firm.
    And, at home, my computer wont allow me to comment or anything. I think its blocked somehow. I have to figure it out, but I pretty much get on here everyday and know what everyone is up to.
    I think I might need to check on the Suboxone…
    You inspire me….
    Sorry I havent written in a while, you also inspire me….
    And everyone else:
    Thanks for being there…

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