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    I need advice. I know I’m an alcoholic, and knew this before I even met my husband. But, my story isn’t dramatic- i never got a DUI, never missed a day of work, and most people don’t even know I have a problem. My own parents (who used to be my drinking buddies) deny that I’m an alcoholic. I would say the most I’ve ever drunk is a bottle of wine, then I either pass out or throw up and pass out. I did have frequent blackouts.

    My problem is this- after being sober for 6 years, I recently relapsed. I talked myself into thinking I could handle drinking. I am afraid of doing this again. I read stories about detoxing (I never drank enough to be physically dependent on it) and think “Oh, I’m different” and I know this is stinkin’thinkin. Please help.

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