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    What is an alcoholic really? What is the difference between the alcoholic and the heavy drinker? Can a heavy drinker become an alcoholic?

    And if I have had a physical dependency on alcohol in the past with withdrawal symptoms such as; bad panic-attacks, shaking, seing some light flashing by, and even heard voices (this has ONLY occured when I have been drinking heavily for some time) and generally gotten very sick, way beyond what people would normally call a hangover, does that mean that I’m an alcoholic, or can that happen to regular heavy drinkers to?
    I’m so confused about this…

    Ever since I stopped drinking, which wasn’t too loong ago, I have been driving myself crazy with this question: “Am I an alcoholic or was I just a heavy drinker?”‘
    I read a bit about it in the Big Book, and though I can relate to some things; having no control when I start drinking, being a bit like Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde and so on, it is one part that I don’t relate to; Being unable to stop drinking.
    It is said that an alcoholic can not stop drinking, no matter how much he/ she wants to.

    Well, I could stop drinking, and I don’t really miss it that much because I remember how sick it made me the last time. So, since I was able to stop, doesn’t that mean that I’m not an alcoholic?

    It doesn’t make any difference with my sobriety, because I stopped drinking for health reasons and I know it wouldn’t be safe for me to continue. Drinking made me so sick in this past year that I can’t keep doing it, alcoholic or not. It’s definitly not a fun thing for me to do anymore, and hasn’t been for quite some time.

    But still, this is something I keep wondering about, am I an alcoholic or was I just a heavy drinker?

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