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    So, for those who have never read my previous posts or don’t remember, I was a monderate drinker for about 20 years. Got into a realtionship that was very controlling and starting drinking 5-6 a day for a few months, quit, then binged 4-5 times after severe conflicts. He convinced me I am an alcoholic,
    I have since left since it degenerated into to violence. I have also since found out he very likely has OCPD. I joined a support forum for it, apparently people that have long term realtionships with people with this disorder are frequently driven crazy by it. I know, I had also gone to the dr for meds to calm me down when I was living there, something I have never done.
    Its been over 2 months since I left. No cravings for alcohol, no problem not drinking. I’d just as soon have a cup of coffee or a glass of my favorite juice,
    So last Tuesday was my birthday. I admit I did this because I was curious as to what would happen the AA big book suggests trying to limit your drinks as a test. I went to a bar. Told myself I was going to drink only 3. I did. Had a friend drive me home. So I know that is not great. But I was able to stop and was actually bored by the thought of having more. No desire for alcohol since then either. I dunno what to think at this point. Maybe I am an alcoholic, maybe I am not.

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