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    I am so happy to be sober and feel like sobriety has helped me so much this week. For example, on Monday mornings my company always has a meeting with all of the sales reps (that’s me). We sit in a room and discuss our weeks performance. Typically – hold on – every time I’ve been to one of these meetings I’ve been hungover (if not drunk). Normally I’ll sit in the back, try not to act hungover, pray I don’t stink like booze – which I’m sure I did at times, and just try and go unoticed.

    Well, this particular meeting I noticed when I came in that the tables have been moved a lot closer together. Basically we sit in a square and the person to my left and right are no more than a foot away from me. Just as the meeting started, the owner of the company comes in – which HE NEVER DOES. Where does he choose to sit??? Yup, right next to me. If this would have been drunk Reggie, I would have had a freaking panick attack. Not Monday!!!!!! I sat there, head up, talked to him about sports and what not, and just went about my meeting. I take this as a sign from my HP.

    Also, today I had an issue that weighed heavily on me all day yesterday and today. I was going to bring it up as topic for my morning meeting, but said to myself to just sit back and see what god has in store for me. It was MY EXACT TOPIC. It was about freeing yourself from negative influences. It’s as if my HP is guiding me just like I’m asking him too… Pretty crazy.

    I love being in recovery and I love what not drinking allows in my life. I am so grateful. Thank you to everyone for your support either direct or indirect. I can’t wait to get the 30 days. But before that one day at a time right???

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