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    What I mean is, even if I clean myself up … get into a REAL program, after 5 years of alcoholism *very heavy binging* is it still possible to live a normal life? I know it’s kind of hard to answer this, it’s just that my hangovers have been getting worse, and I’ve been seeing stars and floaters whenever I mixed Pain Pills with the alcohol and it all started I think … back … uh… 6ish months ago I’m not 100% sure, when I would take a Darvocet and a huge dishing of caffeine. Just a little er, worried… I know I can do it, but I feel perhaps … it’s too late for me, not mentally, but maybe physically. I can still do push ups, sit ups and I’ve had check ups but … I’m just wondering how much damage I’ve done. I heard people got sober after 20 years and turned out fine… man I got to get my life on track before the train really derails..

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