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    Man it is so frustrating! I haven’t worked for a few months after heavy drinking, I’m presently living with my dad and he’s currently taken up work.

    Now I have told him every day for a few weeks don’t get me any alcohol, but he gets it every day. I seriously want to cry – he knows I have a problem I think, and I try to make him realize by 7 in the evening I am over the worst – but it’s no good. I tell him I’m getting mini seizures…no good. I’ve seriously asked my sister if I could move in with her but she said no, I don’t really blame her, she has her hands full with her kids. It’s just incredibly hard – I don#t think my dad cares. He says stuff like 4 cans of beer arent too bad, even though I always drink more.

    I don#t know where I could go go with no funds, when you spend most of the day trying not to drink…..

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