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    Hey all,

    Just thought I’d check in with everyone. I’m on Day 12 (I think), I’ve sorta stopped counting. I also have noticed that I don’t crave alcohol like I used to. Though, I was never a daily drinker, I would always want to drink even if I didnt act on it. My roommate keeps a bottle of wine in the refridgerator, I used to see it and sometimes help myself. Now, I see it and can’t imagine wanting to taste it.

    I’ve sorta learned to associate having that first sip with passing out or something similar and that’s typically my new deterrant. I hardly crave it anymore at all, because of this association.

    ANYWAYS, I was just wondering if anyone else went through this type of thing early on. I guess I’m hoping not to develop some kind of false sense of sobrietal security that could be stripped away.

    I’m going to my first AA meeting tonight with a student group on my campus and I’m quite excited about that.

    Sorry for the rambling!


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