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    I’m currently experiencing cravings for (any of the opiates) and whenever I get them it’s way too easy to just say yes eventhough I’d rather be saying no.
    It’s not just that I take them whenever I get them…it’s like I need something every night and have anxiety and can’t sleep, can’t concentrate, so I like the downers but I also enjoy psychs.

    I mean I’m not doing anything too bad…alcohol, pot, opiates I guess is all. I just end up really needing something at night…really anything…I guess this isn’t addiction because people who are addicted crave it all the time? I’m unsure…but it feels like it is, it’s all the side effects but I’m fine during the day.

    If this isn’t addiction, what do you think it is?
    Is there any advice you can give to prevent or ignore cravings.

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