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    I think there are 2 types of cravings
    perhaps a mixture?

    One type is more a habit than physical.

    You drive home and your car steers into your
    favorite bar or package store.
    You come home tired…sit in “your: chair and
    want the usual comfort of a glass/can in hand.
    To sleeep better…toss down a drink.

    These can be avoided by changeing your routine

    Drive a different route
    Change the furniture around..sit in a different place.
    Fix a glass of anything non alcoholic.

    If you drink booze from a can…use a glass
    If you did drink from a glass…use a mug

    I did time my cravings in early sobriety.
    Mine were 5 to 7 minutes in duration.
    seemed forever…but that was false.

    I took action….drank cold watter …brushed my teeth
    went for a walk…danced around the room…ate Lifesavers

    I was also taking a multi vitamin and a B 12,
    I walked daily. I attened AA each morning.
    I was following an eating plan for hypoglycemia

    Within 2 weeks they lessened immensley… in both
    intensity and duration By 2 months they vanished
    Have not returned in 20 years.

    Anyone else care to share on how they are
    dealing with craving? Please do.

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