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    You know you are an addict when you do crazy things like I did yesterday. I went on this honey ham hunt. I wound up in another state. Literally. What was supposed to be running about 40 minutes down the road to this special grocery store that only has stores in Chattanooga and the surrounding counties took me on an adventure hence called the HAM Trip. I found myself in Georgia. Having dinner, and without that special ham. I can only say that the need to have the perfect Christmas dinner drove me and yes drove me over the edge. And I have to look at this as something that do normal people do this sort of thing? I don’t know but the addict behavior in me strives to be something that I can not be. Who drives to near Atlanta in search of a ham?
    I don’t know if any of you folks out there do crazy stuff like this even in sobriety/clean living but I am very grateful today I did not have any car problems, or driving issues in this quest. I don’t really enjoy driving after dark far from home and I don’t really like driving with semi’s all around me . This is just crazy. My family is not letting me forget this. I can laugh about it a bit today but yesterday I was a bit crazy.

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