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    ok, so I’m real good at making things complicated… Today I was driving down the road and got this thought like… “my life is going good now, I’m enjoying things that I used to not enjoy, I’m changing my attitude, I’m more giving and spiritual… I’m progressing… I’m taking care of the things that led me to use regularly, and life is great….” Innocent enough right? Well, then the idea hit me… “If I’m taking care of all the problems in my life that made using a problem, then using in the future should be much more enjoyable, because I will be at a good place in my life, and the stability will make using controllable, and enjoyable.” I hate to say it, but it makes sense…. to me…. I’m not going to go out and use, it’s just an idea for now… I need to investigate this further.. I’m just sayin, I had problems way before I did drugs, and now that those problems are under control maybe drugs won’t be so bad?

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