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    I am not sure if this thread would be better off here or in the F&F forum, since I am dealing with both my addiction and my BF’s. I decided to put it here for the sake of concentrating on MY addiction over his.

    I was initially not sold on the concept of marijuana addiction. I am now totally certain that it exists, I have this disease, and I need to kick it. And that the only way to do it right now is through complete sobriety.

    My BF is facing opiate addiction, a whole different animal. He no longer is on opiates, and I am happy for him that he has come so far. However, he still is smoking marijuana. In his recovery, this is a huge step down from what he was doing…In mine, however, marijuana is the DOC.

    I am going to my first Nar-Anon meeting tonight…I have been to NA meetings and plan to continue going. But I don’t know much about establishing healthy boundaries regarding all of this. Could anyone give me an example of a boundary I could create in this situation, or boundaries which you have created in a similar one?

    I am also struggling with the term ‘active addict’. Obviously, he is still in active addiction, but he has definitely made progress. (He is also an active participant in both individual and group therapy, goes to meetings, and is on ReVia to eliminate the opiate cravings).

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