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    I was reading on the internet about “cure vs. healing” and then summarize it in my journal and for my mirror. Then I thought, “Whoa! Is there something like this in the Big Book?” I need to get that book.

    To Heal

    Healing is a restoration to health. It’s about making yourself wholesome, and not a cure. The focus is to return to your normal and sound state of mind. It’s about finding inner peace and solitude. It’s to be relaxed and calm.

    When we heal, we know that we are not concentrating on that disease, anymore. We have the feeling that we helped ourselves and other people in their lives. In healing, no one is fighting or struggling, anymore. Healing brings together the difference in wholeness. In healing, we may realize that half of our lives was missing and now to include the holiness which brings us to wholeness.

    Healing is going to happen sooner or later, even in spite of illness and even death. Before we can leave our earthly life, we will want to heal into a clear state of mind as we prepare ourselves in transition into a spiritual place. When all becomes well, we move on. To heal is a message that the suffering is finished, and that life is now fine, that everything is “whole” again. At this stage, the healing takes place when life has been “made whole” again. This can happen long before death and enjoy this life-long journey in happiness and peace.

    Healing is an essential part of our lives. Curing a disease does not make the person whole; healing a person does not cure the disease. Trying to fix one thing is not going to bring solutions and remain abnormal by shifting to another fix. This process will continue until life is no longer sustainable.

    Illness is not the results of the vicious cycle of failures. Instead of worrying about how much time, money and effort on trying to attack the distress caused by illness only to realize that nothing will work for a cure. So, lets shift our thinking. Stop blaming outside factors for our internal problems.

    In restoring life to normal, making life whole again, will allow us to see the best in ourselves and return to life. It’s the return to quality life and in wholeness.


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