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    I’M DAFT!

    i had asked how to handle weekend nights late cant sleep in the SATURDAY NIGHT thread
    [URL=”http://www.”%5DHow Do I Fight Saturday Night Boredom[/URL]

    to answer my own question, at least for tonight, I took a simply sleep (benadryl) (not that you should always do that)
    im gonna cuddle up and watch SNL, and warm milk, and if im still not drowsy after that ill just watch the Science channel. I love the show HOW ITS MADE but its not intense enough to keep me amped.

    I love the feeling of waking up, in the morning (usually cause i have to pee or something loud outside) and the TV is still on and its a new day and its ONE MORE DAY that I didnt drink. and I write it on my calendar. Its something i read somewhere else, a moderation website, i write
    DAFT. it means Delightfully Alcohol Free Today, and i think its a much less intimidating phrase than SOBER. thats so dramatic!! and it sounds hard!

    so if youve never heard that term, use it! Its so much better to decide to be DAFT then try to be SOBER

    Reading all your posts and ideas/tips helps too! Knowing that Im not alone is great. thanks!:You_Rock_


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