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    Armed with Generic Xanax, orders from the Doc and Family I will begin detox. I am to call Doc if I feel serious side effects but I doubt I
    will get a strong reaction to the withdrawal. I’m not going to take the Xanax unless I absolutely need it, I will unstead pop a B Complex and
    a Benadryl. I just don’t want to trade one evil for another if I can avoid it.

    I tapered off for a little over a week but I could only get down to four and went back to six. Then, two nights ago I relapsed with 8 and had
    another 8 last night. I was gonna finish the last two in the box when my wife heard the pop of the can and she flipped on me. She poured the
    last two down the drain.

    I feel pretty good though, no cravings too bad. I have had some moments of desire for a beer but I was able to think around this distraction
    with a little effort. I will sit back with some Tea and then Seltzer, take a B and Benadryl before bed and hope I sleep lol.

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