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    I’m a 31 year old male. I’m not sure I am an alcoholic, but I’m telling myself that I am. I definitely abused alcohol on and off for a period of around 8 years. I never drank daily, never drank in the day time, didn’t drink liquor, etc, so I sorta naively thought I didn’t have a problem. I rarely made an ass out of myself, but I was embarrassed about my drinking and would drink to intoxication a couple of times a week. I’d ball park around 18 – 22 units a week. Sometimes more, sometimes less or none.

    I never hit any sort of bottom (never missed work, never got a DUI or even drove drunk) but my last hangover really concerned me and opened up my eyes. I think it was less of a hangover and more of a withdrawl. Anyway reading about everyone’s experiences has been quite helpful. Although the physical craving has never entered the equation for me (I think I drank out of anxiety alone), too many people on here say too many familiar things for me to deny that there’s something going on with me.

    I’m depressed and tired, but right now my problem (I hope) is the anxiety… I might be acting like a hypochondriac or I may have ruined my body. Or I may have caught a bug. Sigh. Anyway I’m having symptoms 12 days sober (like vomiting and kidney sensitivity) that I didn’t have until today. Anyway, thanks for reading and thanks for this forum.

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