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    is an ongoing struggle. I seem to get through the day alright but night time is difficult. The cravings are sooooo intense. I keep telling myself that I have no physical cravings since detoxing and that it is all mental and to not drink no matter ******* what! I take Extra Strength Benedryl every night and it really seems to ease the cravings but damn!

    Another strong point for me is that the first drink that I take I would consider a $9,000 drink since that is what I paid for the medical detox and I am quite sure that it would not be a one time deal.

    Physically I feel great. No more shakes, no more puking, healthy appetite, clear eyes, no more smell, no more hangovers, no more falling down and hurting myself, more patience with my daughter, a willingness to step out of my isolation and actually talk with people, I can write with a pencil again, anxiety levels much lower, normal blood pressure, no more chest pains, no more stomach pains, no more diarrhea, etc. etc. etc. All of these benefits that are right under my nose and yet the mental battle continues to wage war on me.

    I knew this would be the hardest part but I sure hope that it gets easier soon.

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