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    Well guys,
    15 DAYS clean. Wow 2 weeks….. 🙂
    Things are slowly and let me emphasize the word “slowly” recovering. My energy has definitely turned around. I’m actually going out and hanging out with friends and working more now. I am still not sleeping well. I went to the doctor and got a prescription for Ambien…….I took it a long time ago and I had no problem leaving it behind, so I don’t think I could start an addiction to it. However…….lol
    But all in all im feeling much better physically. The upset stomach and restless legs seems to be lingering on as well as the cravings. Oh! the cravings. It’s like learning to walk again……learning to be around people and talk to people and walk in a store or sit down to eat without being “high” on pills. My 2 year addiction definitely took 2 years of my life away.
    The first 5 – 8 days my emotions were all over the place. Now they just feel kinda numb….like I am having to learn how to feel and decipher emotions all over again. For the most part, it’s different……
    I start nursing school in exactly 4 days. I am so glad that I got clean before I started this program. Im scared to start this nursing program. Several reasons, but let me name the top. 1)I am not used to going to college classess without being on pain pills. (It almost felt like the pain pills gave me confidence and I feel like I can’t make straight A’s without them) WOW. What a fear!!!! 2) When I graduate……well guess who is going to have the pharmacy keys???? Although graduation will not be until a year away, it’s a thought. Hopefully by then I will be coming out of the intense cravings.
    Well I just thought that I would share what’s going on in my head as I tackle day 15….

    Oh quick question….anyone who has detoxed from oxycodone how long did the restless leg syndrome thing last before it went away? I am still having the unbelievable urge to constantly move my legs and it only happens when I lay down to go to sleep. I walk constantly throughout the day and even when I lay down my legs want to go haywire. 🙂 So, how long did it take before they went away for you?
    Oh and how long did it take for the diarrhea/upset stomach to stop?

    Thanks for all of you continued support and love.
    Kisses to all of you

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