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    Today is DAY 23 for me of 100% complete sobriety. It feels so good to just LIVE LIFE !!! I can’t really explain it, but the days are so clear and understandable now. No more worries about the next pill or drink. OMG, I can’t believe I’m saying this. Never thought I would be able too.

    Some things that I have done in the past 23 days to stay on track:

    1. Joined a One-On-One counselor session. It happens 3 times a week for 2-3 hours per visit. The entire process will be 3-4 months. My counselor is flat out AWESOME !!!!

    2. Joined a local AA-GROUP. It took some getting used to, but things are working well. It’s nice to see that everyone is in the same boat as me. It’s very easy to talk about things. This was a major problem for me in the past, but that hurdle is now overcome !!

    3. Joined a local daily Treatment Group. Now this was not mandatory for me. All the individuals in this meeting are required to be there. It helps me stay focused and just listen and learn about things. Also, I’m getting to know more people that has this HORRIBLE DISEASE !!

    3. Got one of my “Marbles” back. Kind of a Symbolic thing that my counselor gave me. I will get my 2nd marble later in treatment. I keep it with me always.

    4. Got my first AA-GROUP token last week in the meeting. Another thing I keep with me at all times for just the moment that I need to just take a breath and ponder about life.

    5. Completed STEP-1 and I’m now moving onto STEP-2. This was a HUGE deal for me. It made me feel good that I had accomplished something. Call it a GOAL or whatever, it’s a HUGE step in the RIGHT direction.

    I wanted to thank all of you here on 12 Step National Meetings. Without your support over the past 23 days, I would never had made it this far. THANKS EVERYONE !!

    LOVE YAH !! :Xmasbstar

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