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    1st two nights I think I sweat out a 12 pack of beer. Today the shakes and little crawling things at work. All I could think about was a drink. But I confided with a co-worker who also drinks and come to find out she wants to quit too. So we agreed to help one another through this. On the way home I passed my favorite grocery store where I always buy my nightly 12 pack and kept on going. It felt SO good to be able to do that. Got right down to cooking a good meal for myself and on to keeping busy around the house.

    Reading the experiences here keep me motivated. I’ve been through rehab 6 yrs ago, relapsed bad. So this time I’m determined to make this work and building my network to keep me focused. At almost 48 yrs old and divorced I want to take charge again and put this disease behind me once and for all. There’s so much more life out there I’m missing by sitting in my Lazyboy every night playing Facebook.

    Thanks to the folks who made this website possible. It’s extremely helpful. If anything, to just write and get out the pent up feelings I’ve had stuck within for all these years. 🙂

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