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    So…. I find myself where I have been countless times. I was very hungover on Friday. So much so I poured all of my booze down the drain. I said “that’s it! I am done drinking”. Went to bed and was very thankful to be alive and excited about quitting yet again. I woke up yesterday and felt out of it. Drank a ton of water, got some food, went to work, and had a mild craving last night, but shook it off. Woke up today and felt really good, went to the gym and then felt great!!! Now, I’m sitting here watching football and my mind is being flooded with feelings of “lets’ have a few beers tonight”.

    I feel like my body is on a cycle of feeling like crap, then building up to feeling good, then bombarded with booze so I feel excellent, then back to the bottom. Hungover, tired, lethargic, etc…. Then build back up and repeat.

    I’ve gone to meetings, I know what the big book says, I know what other books say, but my question is what have you people done in times like mine? When you feel so much better since you have not drank, so much so that your body is ready again. I know what will happen if I drink. Drink’s 1 and 2 will be fantastic, drinks 3 – 8 will be OK, then from there I’ll just be consumed with being hungover, that I’ve failed yet again, etc… I know nothing good will come of it and I’M NOT GOING TO DRINK. I just hate how programmed my body is to actually desire something that is so bad for it. It would be like craving someone to hit me in the face and take my wallet…

    So, what do you people do when the idea of drinking sounds good? That’s my questions. Hope everyone is well!

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