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    This is my 4th day sober now.

    Quick background: I went to the public alcohol service that recommended I stop drinking as soon as possible. They are prescribing me with naltrexone but in the meantime recommend I go to my GP for detox assistance because it could take a while for the funding to come through. He told me to tell him that it should be supervised detox probably with vallium, and that I’d need to take some time off work. He said he was only not admitting me into residential because my (wonderful) partner was with me and is here to hold my hand.

    My GP said ‘oh no, thats over the top, heres some sleeping pills and a weeks worth of child strength antidepressants, you’ll be fine, just carry on as normal.’

    The first few days were okay, having trouble concentrating, cant remember large parts of the days, thats okay…

    but last night I had trouble sleeping, I woke up to *seizures at least 6 times, I’m exhausted. So I had a quick sleep in thismorning but seizured out of that too. Ive been up for 4 hours now and have had no problems apart from being tired. I’m dont want to go throught this again tonight. At one stage last night I was really scared that I was going to continue like this for the rest of my life and have to be institutionalised.

    *petit-mal/complex partial seizures (no shaking)

    Has anyone else experienced this? Does it go away soon?

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