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    There’s alot of things I shouldn’t be doing. I’m eating alot of junk food and drinking soda. I’ve started smoking again. Maybe consuming to much caffiene.

    But the days are better and easier than what they used to be. I no longer spend my whole weekend either drunk or hungover or hanging around pubs. I don’t go into the city each day and drink in the city because I don’t want to drink at the local pub and be known as an alcoholic.

    I catch up with friends and keep in contact not just looking for someone to drink with. My mind and thinking is not consumed with the thought of drinking of when, where and how.

    I like myself I don’t look in the mirror and see a bloated, fat, puffy face anymore. My parents are off my back and seem to be happier with the new sober me which is a relief. I’m no longer eating a feast at 3am in the morning because the alcohol has made me so hungry.

    I’m able to drive my car again on a regular basis now that I’m not drunk. I accept myself more these days and don’t get down or worry so much. I spend my money on my hobbies and interests instead of most my pay going towards beer. Sometimes I can’t believe how good I’m feeling it’s like I’m keeping a big secret from everyone.

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