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    I recently posted about my drinking problem and made a goal of staying dry for 30 days. Im currently on day 8 and its only now im starting to crave a drink. Im a heavy binge drinker so its easy for me to stay off the drink for a few days after im satisfied with my binge but its usually after a week when i start getting the crave for it again. Ive noticed the reason why i want a drink is because i feel bored, restless and pissed off. Im hoping it passes soon. i woke up this morning feeling tired and not wanting to do anything and couldnt snap out of it, even planned to do a weights routine and couldnt gather the motivation to do it so feel even worse now…im hoping its the crave for alcohol that causing this lack of motivation….im still going to stay away from the drink and thats why im on here now lol thanks for listening

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