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    Well, today is almost over.. yesterday was my week one, since the infamous ER trip. I ended up getting my medical records (seeing as how I had no memory of anything, and WANT one), and the initial BAC of .45 was then changed to .55. I shouldn’t be here, and I am. I still have a mark where my IV was… it’s kinda silly but I wish it wouldn’t go away.. a reminder of how dark it gets.

    On a lighter note.. I find that I’ve replaced my “down” time usually spent drinking, with going to the gym. Not an unhealthy amount like I did at first, but just kinda got into an after work routine that calms me, and recharges my brain after a hard day of work. I know there’s a lot to be said about replacing addictions, but for now, it’s what I do, and I feel better and stronger than I have in many.. too many years.

    Kind of funny.. I was at the gym today.. and Black Dahlia by Hollywood Undead came on my MP3 as I was lifting some weights, and it’s this really emo-yelling song clearly about a breakup, and I started framing the words in my head as if the guy (and myself) were yelling at alcohol.. holy smokes my arms are going to hate me tomorrow lol

    Just blabbin, I hope you are all feeling well and loving yourselves as much as possible. I’m not a very spiritual person… but considering what I’ve been through in the past 9 days, I feel lucky, if not blessed to be here to type this.

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