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    Hi All,
    this is my second post as a new member after joining a few days ago. I’ve just finished my 3 days work shift and now supposedly look forward to 3 days off (I do long hour shift work..3on/3off).
    Today is where it usually begins for me…my drinking binge that is- since its my 1st day off.
    I found myself waking up this morning and reaching for my laptop to visit this site. I’ve been looking at posts by others hoping to find the courage to get through today.It has helped to some degree but I know today could go either way.

    I’m toying with the idea of trying AA today. I know i’m at a chapter in my alcoholism where i really need to get help and support but denial keeps creeping back…..its driving me crazy…constantly having two different voices in my head. One telling me to stop and get help, the other telling me it’ll be ain’t really that bad.

    However on a positive note….i will try to make it at least through today sober……in fact gonna put the kettle on now…..not sure about AA today though afterall :headbange

    Anyway thanks for listening people, just writing this helps me a bit.

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