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    If I make it through the evening (and I will) today will be day #3 for me. The toughest time for me is when I come home from work, and this is my first day coming home to a house with no alcohol in it. It has come in waves, otherwise.

    Met with family for Mothers day, yesterday, and only drank tea, even though there was alcohol around. It was nice getting to actually spend time with them and know (they Knew)I wasn’t buzzed. I normally would have made sure I had a “jump start” before I got there.
    I had a few things that I forgot to pick up at the grocery store, but chose not to stop, as I was feeling anxious at the thought of being able to return home without a bottle of wine. Not gonna lie and pretend I’m feeling very confident, but hopefully this will get easier…..trying to be productive.

    Not givin’ up my smokes anytime soon…that’s for sure!

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