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    Saturday evening I found out my uncle had passed away earlier in the day. Normally something such as this would have sent me straight to the bottle to drown my sorrows, and been a perfect excuse to drink and feel sorry for myself. But this time I have not even had a single thought about drinking because I realize it won’t change a thing, it won’t make me feel any better, and it won’t do anything but hurt my own health. So what I have done is called a few family members to see if there was anything I could do for them, made plans to attend the funeral service on Wednesday, and just gave thanks to the fact that he was 89 yrs old and lived a very full and loved life and we should all be so lucky to reach that age.

    Also would have smoked like a chimney over something like this but haven’t even considered doing that either (13 days smoke free today).

    Could it be that I have finally grown up? and to think, it only took me 38 yrs to grow up:roflmao Oh well better late than never I guess.

    I appreciate the support I’ve always received here, it has helped to anchor me and to make it so I now can deal with things such as this in a “normal” manner.


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