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    i’ve been 100% sober for almost 5 months now and it’s been a battle. i’ve been reading on here to passify the day by day sobority walk and to get advice. i enjoy it very much but i had a question or 2. i’ve had the “pink cloud” experience a couple of times and i was wondering if anyone has had like a mid life crisis getting sober (i’m 26). i can’t tell if it’s me and my thoughts making me anxious therefore making me delusional or what. there’s times my body shakes inside out and i forget things, i can’t hear and when i get mad at my g/f it’s like a peace of mind that if things don’t go good during “repair” that’s it’s going to be o.k. I’ve been an emotional roller coaster all year since i’ve been working on sobority. this is the longest without and i really would like to know if it’s time to go to the doc again just to hear them say side effects or whatnot. i’ve lost all sense of security and stability for the future. pretty regular lately i’ve been delusional and my equaliberium has been severly wacked. has anyone felt pshically and emotionally like this? how long possibly is this going to take? and any advise? i’m almost to the point of testing the waters again to see if all this will go away. last time was 3 months sober and started feeling like this and i slipped. thanks guys, and keep up the good work! also has anyone sobered up but the codependent hasn’t? having a bout with this too. thanks.

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