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    Hi everyone, My names Matt i’m 19 years old and I’ve been abusing psychoactives since I was 14 when I first got drunk. And I really need some advice on quitting because I can’t stop and it’s slowly killing me. I’ll do pretty much anything that “messes you up” but my main problem substances were alcohol ,Marijuana and Opiates, especially the opiates.

    I have litte sisters that are 6, 8 and 9 that i need to be thinking of and the fact that my mom desperately wants me to quit.

    I’ve destroyed my house when I’ve come home drunk before punching holes in the walls and stuff, It kills me thinking about that.

    Pretty much all the friends I have abuse Marijuana so it’s hard to stay away from it, at the moment I’m clean but I know that won’t last long

    My younger brother who’s 17 also abuses drugs except he has no intentions of quitting, and I don’t really want him putting my recovery at risk.

    So how do I deal with this mess of a situation

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