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    I’m new to the forum, so Hello to everyone out there. I have a burning question that I wanted to bring to a discussion.

    I am a 24-year-old alcoholic. I quit drinking a little more than two years ago when I realized my problem. I dropped everything at once – the bottle, the cigarettes and the drugs. I went to a few meetings here and there, but I have remained sober largely with my own philosophy and the support of family and friends. My problems with AA are complicated and are for another post, but I strongly recommend it to anyone looking to quit drinking.

    During the last couple months, I have been tossing around an idea that I would begin to sample marijuana again on very special occasions. I never had any issues with marijuana and have enjoyed it as light recreational use.

    So, in a rare late-night moment with some old friends, it happened. I took a small sample and ended it there. Later on, a house guest offered me some Crown Royal and I politely told him no, so I remain confident in my anti-alcohol stance.


    Did I cross a line? Am I back to day one? Am I mistaken in my philosophy of staying away from that which harms me (booze), but still enjoying that which I can handle in the comfort of a private residence and old friends?

    I want to hear some opinions, so if you think I screwed it up, go ahead and let me have it.

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