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    All the advice on quitting I have read thus far on this forum is undoubtdly good, sound advice, no question. The question for me is then having had a ,’spiritual experience’, which I have already documented on this site,(see,’Where are yoy, Threads by 43395) is did I quit or was my desire for alcohol simply taken from me, I suspect the latter as even on the odd, and I do mean odd occasions I have attempted to drink, my mind , which hitherto was probably a bit apprehensive about what I was thinking of doing and my body go into overdrive and any intention just goes, I’ve never experienced anything like it. I will however admit that for the first 3 months after the ,’event’, I lived off a supplement of soya milk, candy and cigarettes plus a lot of tea and modest, simple meals. I still though, take it easy and live my life as simply as I can, I would STRONGLY suggest this on the back of an attempted Open University course, I completed all the 6 written assignments at home and got good grades, I can’t face a journey into the city and a 3hour written exam, similarly I even undertook a trip from the UK to Boston,US that I completed the round trip was something, the whole purpose of the journey was a waste of time, hard and costly lessons. Mike W.:Xmaswstar

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