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    I was feeling ambivalent over the course of the day as to whether or not I should drink. I made it to around 10p.m by which time the liquor store was closed. I remembered there was a bar close by. So I got my last $10 and drove over there. I asked for 2 beers and pretended that my boyfriend was supposed to meet me.

    I walked over to a seat that was secluded. Then when the coast was clear, I put the two bottles in my bag and walked out. I saw the waitress and I think the other bartender standing outside as I reached the intersection. Now when I was on my way there, I passed a townhouse complex and there were not one but 3 cop cars out there. Someone had been busted. For what I don’t know. I still went ahead with my plan.

    I was so scared when I got home. But the police either weren’t contacted or they just haven’t found me yet.

    Today I had no money for alcohol so I didn’t drink. I was able to clean and organize the garage and give my car a pretty thorough cleaning which is amazing because I haven’t cleaned it in months. I also did all but 2 loads of laundry, put them away and fixed the shelf in my closet. Important because I’ve been at my brothers house for nearly 6 weeks now and I still hadn’t done a single load of laundry. And the shelf broke the first week I moved in but I hadn’t done anything about it.

    I should stay sober. My next goal is to get a better paying job like by the end of June. I can make that happen. Now lets see if I can stay sober.

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