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    Hi everyone! I have not posted in a while, but here I am again. I’m making this thread in an attempt to keep my mind right and stay sober. You can get a synopsis of my boozing story in my profile. In short, drinking is driving my blood pressure up, with my bottom number at times exceeding 100, so I can’t keep screwing around with my health if I want to live. I finally got that screaming chest pain that drove me to the doctor and woke me up. Turns out my heart is OK according to the nuclear stress test, but it scared me pretty good so I’ve been completely sober for 5 weeks now and intend to remain sober.

    It dawned on me some years ago that most heavy drinkers lie about how much they drink, so I made it a point to admit how much I drank even during my years of hard drinking. I figured why not own up to it, right? I would drink ususlly from 8 to 12 beers at each sitting, depending upon the alcohol content. About the same with hard liquor. I’d essentially drink until I had my fill, and it was time to scarf down some food and pass out. And, there were ocaisional binges where I drank more than 12 beers at a sitting. Seems I hammered down 30 beers on a saturday afternoon more than once too. In my recent drinking history, I mostly confined my boozing to weekends, but like I said above, my health is suffering from it and I have to stop if I want to live to enjoy my retirement years.

    I was getting a check up about 10 years ago, and was conversing with my doctor, who paid his way through medical school playing in a band in bars. He told me how much he and his buddies used to drink, and that some of his friends did not stop, and ultimately got cirrosis and died or were about to die. I asked him how much these friends drank and he said “a six-pack a day”. I said well, I reckon I’m screwed, cause I drank a 12 pack a day for years and still drink 8-12 beers at a typical sitting.

    I bet that you could take the amount people tell their doctors they drink and double it and you’d be pretty close to the truth. I just took a survey here:

    If I drink alcohol, How Much is Too Much?

    Interesting site. I put my boozing information in honestly for the past year. My result was:

    Many people are not aware of how their alcohol consumption compares to that of the general public. More than 96% of the general adult American population and 93% of men consume fewer drinks per week than you reported consuming.

    How about that? What do you guys think? I think most folks lie on that survey because I know lots of folks who drink/drank even more than I did. But, then again, we alcoholics probably do/did drink more than 90% of the “normal” population, and mostly people worried about their drinking, or the drinking of a friend or a loved one take the test.

    Anyhoo, thanks for letting me vent and sharing your opinions and thoughts on this subject.

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