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    it is amazing how much I am eating now that I have my appetite back. I used to be a foodie and avid armature chef back in the day, before vodka took over. Now I am rediscovering my love of food and cooking. I prepared fresh, home-cooked meals for me and my daughter every day last week. If I have not mentioned it, my little monkey is a competitive gymnast that spends close to 40 hours per week in the gym. That was an easy excuse for lots of frozen dinners in the interest of time. The real reason was that by the time she got home I had no energy, or desire, to prepare anything. This last week she came home to a nice, home-cooked meal each night and she loved it!

    One thing that I have noticed is a craving for sweets. I never really had a sweet tooth to speak of but I found myself buying a pint of Rockey Road and Chunky Monkey tonight. Someone told me that a craving for sugar is normal for a recovering alchi and that sugar will help ease cravings. Is this true?

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