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    And so it continues…. I am sorry, some of you have probably read posts from me just like this but I don’t know what else to do when I’m trapped at work being my own worst enemy! I can’t get thoughts of drinking out of my mind right now. I have a meeting tonight and I am going to bring this up when the time is appropriate but for now I’m feeling tortured by my own thoughts.

    I know I can’t drink and that all that will come of it is sadness, depression, anger, embarrassment, etc. but if it was in front of me right at this very moment I’d down it! Just being honest.

    My job is boring, my body makes me embarrassed and frustrated (I need to lose 30lbs), I can’t figure out my likes and dislikes, I’m aloof and irritable at home. I don’t like me so how can anyone else????

    My husband is to hyper around me and it makes me want to scream. He talks about the future incessently and at times reminds me of a puppet master. All weekend he ran around the house doing stuff and sat for like an hour. I felt like (and I know it was me) he was constantly asking me questions and talking!!! I wanted to scream. I love him but he’s a robot I just know it! :tapping

    I am not sure what the point is here. I am just this ongoing pile of angst and irritability. I want to have peace and chill, my nerves are at an all time firing point. I feel like I need to hide or something!


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