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    Hi, I’am a F&F, and was hoping I could come here and ask a question. I have had two realtionships with alcoholics, and one of them I have a son wtih. I have been wondering if…..well to me I feel like I know that they both love/loved me, but it was hard to tell. To me when you love someone it should come easy for the other person to feel/see/know that you love them by your actions. But of course being alcoholics they seemed to preoccupied, and not really into showing that much true affection, leading me to believe that it was something wrong with me. I guess I am just trying to get some perspective from the other side, seeing as how my axbf can in no way what-so-ever express himself in a sober healthy way. I wanted to know if you as an A really love your spouse? We have been seperated since Jan, and though I still believe he loves me and he tells me he loves me, he does nothing to prove or change or help himself, or our situation. I keep trying to tell myself that he is not in control of his life. But I mean if he really did love me and his son and want to be a family, wouldnt he do something? Does he really love me? Is he capable of loving someone, with this addiction in his life? Im confused…thanks

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