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    have problems dealing with the guilt of being able to stop drinking but seem to be turning your back on your family or drinking partners

    i’m not to good with my word skills so i may need a bit of help here

    i’m worried that my family all massive drinkers will be a bad influence on me not drinking so if i visit them i try to make it early in the day so as they dont have the chance to be tanked up

    or my drinking buddies i either wait till they are smashed and will really get on my nerves and i know i will think to myself jimbo we are never gona drink again

    but a friend on another thread on 12 Step National Meetings said something about survivor guilt

    i think he may be onto something there

    i feel really bad as i know my sister will probably die from a booze related death like a few other family members have ,well as you can imagine i feel pretty bad about that but when ever i try to get her to stop drinking she gets upset and in return she tries to make me drink :c004:

    i’m really so gratefull i have stopped drinking but i feel like i have just turned my back on the fam and friends

    kinda like i’m allright ,you lot go die a horrible death see ya :praying

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