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    not used the forum for a while. I used to use the MH one quite a bit but didn’t really go into other boards.
    I need a bit of advice/help re my drinking.

    I think I have a bit of a problem with booze but not in the classic sense. I don’t drink every day, I don’t crave a drink every day.

    I drink 2-4 times a week on average and generally have 1/2 bottle of wine. Sometimes I have more, sometimes I get really drunk. Sometimes I don’t drink for a week or two.

    The main problem is I have a mh condition (bipolar) for which I have been prescribed several different medications, all of which advise to avoid alcohol. I have continued to drink and the main effect has been that the side effects are increased. However, I have been prescribed a new one and it really is a no no to have with booze. I tried it once with having had just a glass of wine and I was all over the place. Really scary. SO the logical thing to do would be to stop the booze? Except I can’t. So I now am not taking the medication on the nights that I have had booze. Which now sits at 4 nights in a row.

    The other problem is that on the occassions I have way too much……which is not very often, I tend to do stupid stuff like overdose or self harm or My mood dips really badly for days.

    My psychiatrist knows about most of this, except the not taking the pills. I have to see him next week and I know he is going to be really pipped off if I tellhim. I think there is even a chance he will say he can’t treat me any more.

    If it was just a simple case of stopping then I would. I have tried but always lose the willpower. My doc says I am not an alcoholic because I don’t drink every day but my drinking is still causing me problems. I don’t qualify for any help from my medicalsupport team because they say I am not an alcoholic, I just lack willpower and sense. I have gone months without before but that was some time ago.

    I feel I have to lie to him when I see him next which is contrary to what I am like but I really can’t face the thought of being cut off from this MH support.

    Support at home is minimal .Hubs says I am not an alcoholic, I just like a drink and there is nothing wrong with that.

    I don’t know what to think. I think I have a problem of some kind, even if it is just making bad choices, yet everyone is telling me I am not an alcoholic because I am not addicted and I can go without.

    Any thoughts gratefully received.


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