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    I haven’t been on here for a long time as I quit opiates for awhile but I’m back at it again and have been for about 2 years now.

    I starting taking pills probably 7 years ago as they made me feel great and helped me come out of my shell. Within a few months my days consisted of taking pills, thinking about pills and planning my day around pills.

    The question I’ve been struggling with lately is what is my personality? It’s been so long that I have no idea who I am anymore. I’m up and down all day. For example, if I go to my kids sporting events I try to calculate how many pills I should take to be social. Sometimes I’m social and chatty, other times I can barely speak and want to hide under a rock.

    I know in years past I had a good sense of humor, friends and a decent personality I’ve just forgotten what it was like. The friends are gone and of course It’s there fault not mine.

    Anyone else wonder who they are?

    Well I’m off to count my pills to prepare for tommorrow.

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