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    I was prescribed 30 Vicodin on December 20th (the Monday before Christmas) for lower back pain. The prescription said to take one every 4 hours as needed. (in my addiction I used on an average 40 pills PER DAY)

    Well, that was fine for Monday and Tuesday, but by Wednesday I had to pack up my Jeep (full) with Christmas stuff to take to San Diego (2 hour drive) to my daughter’s house where I was staying through Christmas.

    I got my cat in the Jeep and then my 80lb Pit Bull had to be lifted into the Jeep (and I say Jeep to let you know how high of a vehicle it is) and then drive to SD and unload (7 trips) to the 3rd floor (I took the elevator) and then proceed to clean her apt (she and her fiance’ were working) unpack all of my stuff and animals and blah blah blah….

    The next day was FULL of shopping and then on Christmas Eve I did the food shopping and then her fiance’s family came over and I had to prepare the food for them and then after they left at 1:30am Christmas morning I had to wrap presents until 3:00am and then up again in 2 hours at 5:00am to open presents with just the three of us and 4 animals (they have 2 dogs and I had my dog and cat) and then cook ANOTHER meal for Christmas day.

    Well the one Vicodin per every 4 hours wasn’t work AT ALL – I ended up taking them all by Christmas Eve night as my back was on fire.

    Christmas day was a drag as I as out of pills and my back hurt, but I still cooked and then then next day her finance’ packed up my Jeep with more stuff to take home. Got home and unloaded and have been in extreme pain since. I have been pretty much laying around nursing my back during the day and going to meetings at night.

    I have 101 days clean/sober today and am now wondering if since I didn’t follow the directions on the bottle if I have “gone out” and have to start counting over again.

    btw – my daughter was working on Christmas Eve as well as Christmas Day so I couldn’t get much help from her. Her finance’ had his hands full with making sure the 3 dogs all got outside to go to the bathroom several times a day and cleaning up my cat’s vomit. My cat was nervous and threw up several times while I was there.

    His family is Mexican and Filipino and celebrate Christmas at midnight Christmas Eve and we have always gone to bed fairly early on Christmas Eve so we can be up at the crack of dawn and open presents and have a Christmas breakfast (which was just cinnamon rolls this year.)

    …anyway – I am not feeling “perfect” about claiming 101 days today for some reason and need some feedback.

    Using the Vicodin didn’t create an urge to drink or even do more pills once they were gone. So I am not triggered to use at all. I DID have to detox off of them though…or else I had a little bit of the flu or I was just EXTREMELY exhausted, which after reading this post was probabally the case. I am tired just reading this stuff. I can’t do this again next year FOR SURE. They will have to come up to the mountians or we just won’t see each other…….or maybe not. I don’t know – I am still tired and in pain.

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