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    Hi – I have a wee question on relationships post giving up alcohol.

    Firstly I should say that I’m only 3 months clean and have absolutely zero desire to get into a relationship any time soon, I have an awful lot of stuff to get done and personal things to get sorted first.

    However, one day I do hope to have another relationship.

    My question is, do you think ‘normal’ drinkers would have a problem finding a guy who used to drink and no longer does attractive, would they find you not drinking at all a bit odd ?

    From previous relationships at the beginning one of the joys was going to the pub together and getting a bit drunk together. I use the term ‘joy’ there very loosly – it has often ended in misery and them asking if I’d not had enough already 🙁 – but I do have positive memories of doing such things. I know full well that this will never happen again as I am totally sure that I no longer wish to drink but this is a question that keeps coming back to me so I figured I should discuss it – maybe this is one for my sponsor too. Also, I hope this doesn’t sound odd, is that when I have previously been sexually active, I’ve rarely been sober during.

    Any thoughts ?

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