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    I have had a hard time over the last couple of weeks of felling as though i am missing out on nights out.

    Some people in AA steer clear of pubs and clubs, whereas there are others that do go for nights out and drink soft drinks. I have heard it said that you still have to have a life. And being single, i do enjoy a night out.

    My sponsor is one of the ones that keeps away, he is of an attitude that “if you go to the barbers often enough, you will get your hair cut.”. He feels that if i were to go out with old friends that i am being complacent, the temptation will be there.

    I went out on Wednesday night with my brother and a friend to watch the England game in a pub. I was quite happy to sit there and watch the game drinking soft drinks. But towards the end of the game when people start acting silly and getting drunk i felt it was time to leave. More because i didn’t fit in anymore. But at the same time i had a good night, it was a good way to unwind, socialising, watching the game.

    So do you go to wet places and drink soft drinks? Or do you feel that maybe it is putting temptation in the way?


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