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    I’ll start off with the usual i’m new here..Like most people who got addicted to prescription narcotics it started with that ONE innocent vicodin from the dentist/doctor. I think it was because I had pretty bad depression, and they were a nice, but short lived escape. then I was in an accident (Hit a deer at 100mph on a motorcycle) And actually had a NEED for the meds. after 3 failed shoulder repairs I decided I wanted to try to get my old life back..The one with opiates involved might have been a fun one..But it was sure a lonely and pathetic one as well. My shoulder pain now is very manageable with motrin almost all of the time. So 2 weeks ago I just quit..I work alot, and couldn’t afford to take time off work, so I had to work through the withdrawals, which was terrible, pretending everything is ok when you are just SCREAMING inside.

    Anyways, I have been clean for 13 days now, and while it feels good knowing that I accomplished that, life seems so plain..It seems like all I do is sleep and work..on my weekends I just lay in bed in the dark trying to ignore the horrible cravings. I try to force myself to get out and do things, but even then I really don’t enjoy it. I used to do EVERYTHING on some type of opiate..So the only thing I can think about is “this isn’t any fun sober” . I realize that 2 weeks isn’t very long..But relapsing just seems to easy at this point. Luckily I cut off all of my connections and cannot get anything right now, so I am forced to stay sober, and I am glad. Just hoping someday I can enjoy life again..How long did it take some of you guys to feel like life was worth living without drugs/alcohol?

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