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    I am 26 years old, I work a good job, and have a girlfriend. However, I am worried about my drinking and shaky hands

    -Have drank alone on weekend nights since age 14. I drink till I am passed out. I honestly enjoy this.
    -Love to drink on weekends with my friends. Usually to excess.
    -Last summer, during time off, drank every night for a week or so, this made me want to drink first thing when I got up. I just had this terrible anxiety and shaky feeling and felt the urge to take shots to ward it off.

    Now, I am working and only drinking weekends….my life is fine except for that I always have shaky hands. I feel compelled to drink on weekends to get rid of this. It is embarrassing.

    If I go 6 to 13 days without drinking, my hands still shake. If I stopped drinking for a few months…or all together, would this go away?

    Has anyone else gone through this? I want my hands to not be shaky! Thanks. I am worried.

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